Coca-Cola has been a prominent voice in practices to lessEN our carbon footprint and, putting their history of innovation behind that initiative, invented the plantBottlePACKAGING PROCESS wich makes RECYCLABLE PET PLASTIC that is partially made from plants. Not only have the ratio of natural to unnatural ingredients shifted to favor the natural with continued research and tweaking of the process (in hopes to one day be 100% plant-based packaging), but coca-cola had also just produced it's 15 BIllionth(!!!) bottle maDE with at least 25% recyclable plant material. THE POWER OF THIS TECHNOLOGY was quickly becoming evident as a partnership with ford using their process to manufacture parts within their next Ford Focus Hybrid started to come to a Light and the production of the  first ever 100% plant-based cups supplied Sea-World with a greener option for their drink stands. Now was a perfect time to start educating consumers on their commitment, their process and the results put into context so the true weight of PlantBottle's impact could be visualized. Starting with fun, simplified 2-color icons/animations (with ZERO coke red!!!) that provided visual support in telling some very complex storylines to a crowd coming from many different walks of life and language backgrounds.


Build It, And... Well, they're going to be there anyway

A huge factor in how we designed the layout of each Content Page was the very large throughput of the World of Coca-cola Museum. We needed to make an experience that told the story of PlantBottle in a quick, yet engaging way that moved people through the experience, but left a lasting enough impressioN. The design system was carefully considered to handle factors such as a Navigation system that could accommodate an end user of various heights and how to pique the interest of other museum visitors, even if the screen content was being covered by the current user.