62 different brands
all living under one roof

With A portfolio of brands that spanned from 1,000 case/year wineries to 100,000 cases, Aveniu Brands needed a solution that would allow them to promote (and ultimately locate) all of their brands equally, distribute Trade Resources for each of them easily and act as a platform to house an ever-growing well of content from some of the most knowledgeable tastemakers in the industry. 




To fit the many different brand voices, we designed and developed a template system that would let their less tech-saavy brands with limited assets have the ability to tell their story online and not be overshadowed by their more sophisticated ones. Wether they sold only one product or twenty, had a rustic brand image or a modern one, or just had a limited marketing budget, they could build an online presence in minutes and take advantage of the traffic that came with  recommendations and food recipe pairing suggestions.


The Results

A Dynamic, educational tool thaT acted both as an engaging learning/content experience  for the beginner (what the heck does OAKY mean anyway?), an opportunity to pair content (Recipes, articles, reviews & AWARDS) with pairings and a useful sales tool for their distributors, Aveniu's online presence has quickly become a new way of doing business for the company.